Editors and reporters from the UK's first videojournalism programme for newspaper journalists in session with trainer David Dunkley Gyimah
David Dunkley Gyimah was one of the first Video journalists in the UK (1994) and has since worked or consulted for a number of bodies. More recently they are:

Press Association: The UK's only video journalism programme for training newspaper journalists to become VJs.

• Nato's War Games: training would-be foreign correspondents in the field of conflict

• BBC's Journalism Training College co-producing interactive training programme.

David is the recipient of

• the 2006 International (independent) Video Journalism Awards 2006 for his film 8 Days about the first newspaper journalists reporting on a re-opened murder.
*You can now see this on ITunes here.

• 2006 American Press (WeMedia) Institute Fellow speaking at the Global Media Forum on Citizen Journalism.

• 2005 First Place Winner in the US' Batten Awards for Innovation in Journallism for video journalisdriven site viewmagazine.tv
In his 20 year media career he has worked or freelanced for BBC Newsnight, WTN, Reportage, ABC News, BBC World Service, Channel 4 News, PowerHouse, Breakfast New, Channel One and dotcoms.
He is a regular conference speaker and presenter on issues of next generation TV and videojournalism.
David has a degree in Applied Chemistry, postgrad in Journalism and postgrad modules in International Relations. He is a member of Think Tank, Chatham House.

8 Days - award winning film
interview with fmr CIA boss