Video and Broadbandcasting
How to become a videojournalist
The secrets of videojournalism and its strengths using David's
real life cases, working with Lennox Lewis, Nato and Viewmag

Video on the Net
David talks to about video on the Net and the
digital reformation that may render television obsolete

Visual Story telling
San Antonio - Restoring the Trust; Batten Awards - the National
Press Club in Washington
, and the Online News Association

Newspapers to Multimedia

02  8 Days:  Training Day
Article and opinion by David
training newspaper journalist to
become videojournalist plus

A behind the scene short film illustrating
how videojournalists report on a murder

08   Consumer magazine articles
on videojournalism: e.g.The Producers,
Creation Mag and Blue Print

Podcasts, Net Promos and Archive

Podcasts and Radio
Just who did write the Matrix - an African
American writer, Sophia Stewart ?
Politics on Air America and reports on the BBC.

Hosting public events
David's presentation at Apple's Superstore, Lnd.,
and the film world under the microscope.

Link up    
South Africa doc interactive doc -Family Net promos
Update Video Net BBC Article 1993 Hillmancurtis
theronin Vjing with Sony Blog em
we were soldiers Newstoday UK Press Gazette

David Dunkley Gyimah is an academic and producer with 18 years media experience in front and behind the camera/microphone e.g. BBC, ABC News, WTN and Channel 4. He is a member of the UK's oldest and respected think tank, Chatham House and one of the Directors of the Broadcast Journalism Training Council, which accredits UK broadcast university courses.