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HillmanCurtis personifies the elegance of video wrapped within his world class design aesthetic

In the mould of Channel 4's T4; irreverent, funny and millions of hits per month. One of the first and still one of the best.

Newstoday profiles the best video around, which some personal favourites e.g. Chapell's Rize - a beautifully shot doc on clowinging

Also look at, SecondStory, Ronin, Interactive Narratives

Excerpt from David Dunkley Gyimah's presentation on Video and the Net at London's Apple Stores, Made on a Mac

Hello everyone. Thank you for coming. There is a thread in history that weaves itself like a quilt

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through the present.

Christopher Sholes, Emile Berliner and John Logie Baird would all know it. All were extraordinary inventors.

Baird gave rise to the BBC and multi-TV; he invented television.

But I think even he would have relented to the notion that as time moves on we invent the new and usurp the old.

- continue incl. digital cinema