Almost all the networks ignored the report settling for the obvious damning indictment that Britain's involvement in Iraq was the cause. Yes, but there were several others. Perhaps they were not important.

Its Director, Victor Bulmer-Thomas would give me an interview - also now online. The report is worth a visit.

Meanwhile, a nation went digital. Nucleophiles at work, and a new compound formed, Citizen Journalism.

This was decanted into a traditional petri-dish. "You send us your pictures and we'll show em". No doubt if you were one of the lucky ones to get your picture on the news, "Hey look mum, those are, were, mine".

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This was no more citizen journalism, than a new army of freelance shooters feeding that ravenous news beast.

London's first 24 hour news station on Broadband

If you're a businessman or women with a bent for risks, this might be a good one. Revive the blueprint, minus the audit, that launched Channel One Cable TV.

Continue inc the Outernet

A two camera videojournalism shoot focuses on a security report published by the think tank, Chatham House, which explains why the UK is under terrorism attack.

New Videojournalism
US videojournalist and a recent Masters of Journalism student from the UK,Corrine Mcdermid was one of the VJs on the shoot.

Here, Corrine talks about her experience covering Nato's simulated excercise in the North Atlantic, in which she was one of twenty journalists allowed to report on the event for the first time.


If you click www.viewmagazine.tv you can see that at work on the report: Restoring the Trust.

And yes you can download it in various sizes. That we owe to the incredible compression technology readily available off the shelf.

And it cost me next to nothing. The Net Mk II is the Outernet, Public Space Digital Vision - a boon for anyone, including those with a physical forum to get squared eyed in 16:9 format.

Audience watching web cinema film, Zer02

Citizen Journalism?
What Citizen Journalism ?

Following the 7th July London bombings, much information positing reasons we were attacked emerged from the think tank, Chatham House.