of you with a video to post a videoblog with the following name: Live8blog100.mov that when dumped into this server will attach itself to this report by Rosalind Tunnicliffe, who was at Live 8 and now askes the question: What's happened since?

Batten Awards

At this point, even though they're not here, I'd like to thank the Batten Awards judges for giving
me this award. I have only once entered a competition. It was C4's digital awards, and we were runners-up

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But this is truly special, as I told the judges it indicates I'm not going completely mad.

And to think that, as I said, one person in their spare bedroom could beat the might of Newsweek, the New York Times and 61 other big media hitters.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, so that not only can we see farther, but stand up to anyone who tries to bully us into a conscious submission. - Continue inc the PSDV

Liverpool Echo Editor, John Dempsey, talks about 8 Days

Eight days ago we didn't know the difference between a VJ and an ironing

Now we were barrelling north to Cleveland to film a story with the murder

investigation team at Cleveland Constabulary.
This was the real deal _ the day was based on a genuine and particularly brutal murder that took place last year.

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Here were videojournalists a decade ago, who covered the expanse of London and enabled viewers to tell their stories.

I was one of them who arrived on the scene of a tube incident, was handed video by an American student, then told her to do the report. Talk to me, I said. I'll help you do the rest.

And to think that today that could all be done on broadband, costing you next to nothing.

Hacks turn to video

In a few months I'll hopefully be able to report back whether a bold excercise turning newspaper journalists into vjs in the UK has worked and in the long run give tips online to enable anyone to be a Videoblogger/ journalist.

And if you'll allow me to name drop this once. I eagerly look forward to talking to Craig Newmark, who I shared a panelists' platform, when he launches his Citizen Jo model.

Public Space Digital Vision, as seen here (See next link)would have enabled all of us to communicate in a wider scale.

Think of it as Net television wikipedia, posting messages to loved ones, and information in real time informing others.

What's the reality of all this? Well, we'll demonstrate a lot this evening, and if I really feel bold will ask anyone