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Three different compositions; the wideshot, medium shot and close-up.

Hold each shot for an optimum 6 seconds.

Carry out the previous two tasks in 9 scenes, of which consists of a minimum 3 different locations and you're well on you way to shooting a decent visual narrative VJ piece.


If you can see how this shot was conceived and would have gone about it the same way with a dvcam, you understand the fundamentals of videojournalism.

Better still if you can identify the obvious and following related sequence shots, then you've a strong sense of vj film making.

The real test of videojournalism is how well the visual story make sense in the absence of the literary narrative.

The reasons for this hinge on the structural composition of videojournalism.

You'll gain a strong visual grasp of making pictures do the talking.

That married with "matching pictures and words" will lift your report.

Next you'll appreciate how to you "kill what you can eat" - an old CNN adage - which we've updated.

For a 2 minute report, our trainee VJs in their second week reduced their film shoot from an hour and some to barely over ten minutes for their reportage.

There's no waste in videojournalism. Every shot matters and as such you don't spend an inordinate amount of time re-constructing your story.

Many VJs work solo, some join network broadcasters, some provide pictures for agencies.

Many quickly become producers, because they can speak the laguage of camera crews, editors, field reporters and citizen journalists.

With VJ skills you're not lost. Increasinsingly many photographers are learning the skills, as well as.

newspaper journalists leading to an interesting phenomenon -a secondary job bank is developing.

We're not far off from a time when an interviewer will ask for blogging, vlogging and VJ skills to push you to the next round.

And finally for job satisfaction, there's nothing like it. You are the architect of your film - a film director in the making.

You could work alone or as part of a pod as demonstrated here - where several VJs converged on the same story.

And if you're interested you could publish something like this award winning site viewmagazine

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