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Videojournalism is an advance on television news production - a shift away from the predictable appproach television has stuck to doggedly since its inception.

It is next generation television: story telling in which you are not be bound by the many constraints of traditional news production.

As a movement the form merges a graphical and photojournalistic stanza; a poster cover depiction of the moving image, where each shot matters, each shot counts.

If Capa lived to capture images on light weight, hi-tech cameras, he'd be the classic videojournalist and his dictum that if you're not close enough you haven't got the shot would still count.

                  **Broadband Era**

Vloggers, video bloggers will undoubtedly rule the net. Their short, sometimes idiosyncratic productions well suited for a medium where time is compressed and users' attention spans shortened.

Videojournalism is a sibbling of video blogging and citizen journalism.

It's a low entry, affordable and highly versatile discipline - which will not only alllow you to compete with television, but beat it.

The first videojournalism station in the UK in 1994, which this author worked for, created

highy affordable - and an enquiring mind.

From short news pieces you'll go on to understand the leap to lengthier features and THE FORMAT.

And you'll learn all this in a short amount of time.

    **Meeting the Web 2.0 Challenge**

And what's more you'll go on to embrace the newest form of videoojournalism taught by this author IM6 (Integrated multimedia 6 ways)

From your shoot you'll be able to publish 6 ways, the audio for podcast, stills, multimedia, video, a promo and of course your article.

And you'll find videojournalism will sharpen your video blogging skills or what television calls the piece to camera( UK) or stand-up (US).

If nothing YouTube has shown us video nations we're driven by video.

As a videojournalist your value will grow. As an organisation you'll increase traffic to your site.

As a manager you'll look at the bottom line and realise the cost and returns from your new venture more than square up.

Be part of the TV revolution.

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a huge buzz in the industry. It frightened some as well.

That's because our story composition, narrative and creative use of pictures were different.

The time it took to get the story on air or online was swifter.

Today, for newspaper outfits, magazine publishers, corporate PRs, creative agencies, the aspiring film maker, photographers who want to increase their earnings, video journalism offers THE answer.

All you'll need is a small lightweight HD camera and PC with film editing software - all


Just like newspaper journalists travelling alone and filing copy from conflict and war zones, a skilled video journalism is capable of making absorbing features, in cirucmstances which would be inconvenient for TV crews.
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When one of the world's leading brand newspapers, The Financial Times wanted to strengthen their online presence, they turned to video journalism and David with vast experience training newspapers.
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Video Journalism is so unique in its language, mirroring advertising to some extent, that it's no surprise you to could be making adverts in no time, like David who made this ad aired on CNN International.
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If you're a newspaper, a broadcaster an online company wanting to take advantage of next generation TV, then email videojournalism@viewmagazine.tv for details of training and consultancies from the author
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